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August 22, 2021 / bikesbytesbites

Mini Hudson Valley Tour

After Capitolfest, I was planning to get a ride (with Linda) to the west coast of the Hudson, then get out of the car, bike across the river, and spend a few days biking south in the Hudson Valley. That plan got changed because I wanted to spend more time in NYC and less time in the Hudson Valley. So, I spent portions of two days on my bicycle tour.

Kingston to Hyde Park NY

I got on the bike in Kingston NY, just south of the Rhinecliff Bridge. I followed bike route signs to the bike lane on the bridge, then headed south toward Rheinbeck along route 9 (also bicycle route 9). Rheinbeck was as I had heard — a nicely maintained historic downtown core bustling with businesses. A historic train station is closer to the river — which I didn’t visit because I figured it would mean going down a hill then back up. i did have a delightful lunch at Pete’s Cafe in downtown Rheinbeck before continuing my trip south.

I made two sightseeing stops before getting to Hyde Park. The first was the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site, which is immense. The second was at Staatsburg, also an estate. The grounds were open but the building was closed and there were no tours. It did, however, look pretty impressive. And I made one more stop, along the side of the road, to get a photo of some local outsider art.

I arrived in Hyde Park fairly early and was thrilled to be able to check in to my hotel. I was carrying way too much on my bicycle. That’s the problem with having to pack for two trips — I needed “civilian’ clothes for the film festival and also needed bike clothes. So, it felt great to unload the bike and get out for a fun ride around Hyde Park. I did pass a few local landmarks, but didn’t get far. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and House was just down the road, so I stopped in for a tour. Well worth the stop. It’s still a working farm and orchard (per FDR’s instructions), and the gardens are magnificent. Dinner was outdoors at a nearby Italian restaurant.

Breakfast the next day was at the “famous” Everyready Diner (or at least traditional and historical enough to be included in the “Historic Hyde Park” mural).

Hyde Park to Dobbs Ferry to NYC

The plan for the day was not ambitious (mileage-wise). I needed to bike to Poughkeepsie (only about 9 miles) to get on a Metro North train. Well, the first of two trains. I would switch to a local so that I could stop in Dobbs Ferry to visit an old friend. The timing allowed for brief tours of downtown Poughkeepsie and downtown Dobbs Ferry. Alas, I did not have time to cross the new Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie — another reason for a return trip. Poughkeepsie does have a mural for “Olde Main Street”, as well as what looks like a nicely preserved old movie theatre, née opera house, the Bard Avon, which now hosts live performances.

I mostly saw train stations in Dobbs Ferry, both the one currently in use and the original train station, which has been converted into a restaurant. After lunch with my friend Doug, I got on the local Metro-North train (at the NEW station) to Grand Central.

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  1. megak8 / Aug 24 2021 11:22 am

    thanks for reminding me to visit this area w/bicycle during warm weather. I went to the FDR site in Feb a few years ago and the snow was thigh-deep & walkway over the Hudson had some snow & ice. Dining at CIA is also something to try.

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