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July 28, 2017 / bikesbytesbites

Latest Project – New Bicycle

I wasn’t in the market for a new bicycle. However, I did want to attend the Tour de France Viewing Party sponsored by Team Sticky Fingers as “A FUNdraiser for Phoenix Bikes“. So,  in addition to my ticket to the event, I also bought a bunch of raffle tickets.  I was thinking that, maybe if I got lucky, I would win a month’s worth of  yoga sessions or some bicycle accessories.  Instead, I won a bicycle!

The bicycle I won was a fixed gear. And the fixie on the stage at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House was too big for me.  Nikkie from City Bikes (the donator) called the shop, and they didn’t have any smaller sizes of the same model. Whew! I didn’t want a fixie anyhow.  I asked if I could swap the bike for a hybrid.  Nikkie said yes, there were some small hybrids in stock, and I should call the next day to arrange to get my bike.

Voila! Not only did City Bikes graciously arrange the swap, Nickie also graciously delivered a Jamis Coda Sport Femme the next afternoon.   Of course,  then I had to start customizing my  bike. As of now, it looks like this:


In addition to the “free” bike, the picture also includes stuff that, at some point, I paid for:

  • Side-entry water bottle cage. Bought for a mountain bike donated to Phoenix Bikes a while back.
  • Polar medium-size water bottle (that fits on a small frame). From stash.
  • Incredibell. Bought yesterday for this bike. The only bells I had in stash were Adjustibells, which were overkill.
  • Bike Citizens phone holder. Bought for another bike, but easily switchable between bikes.
  • Mini-morph pump. I had a Road Morph pump in stash, but it was too long for this frame.
  • Top tube protector. Bought at the Philly Bike Expo a few years ago, but too small for the target bicycle.
  • Upstand kick stand. Bought at the same Philly Bike expo, but wouldn’t hold up a loaded bike. Works fine on this one.
  • Serfas rear light. From stash. My favorite. I even had one in red, to match the bike.
  • Sunlite front light. Borrowed from another bike.
  • Front rack. Removed from my original touring bike (a 1980’s Miyata) when it was demoted from touring to commuting. Retrieved from stash.
  • Kirtland Panniers. Bought on eBay way back when. My smallest panniers. Used on a front rack for camping/self-contained tours.

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