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March 18, 2016 / bikesbytesbites

Errandonnée 2016

Errandonneuring — doing errandonnees — was conceived by @Chasing Mailboxes. It is a portmanteau work combining “errand” (duh) and “randonnée”, a self-supported bicycle ride. So errandonnées are bicycle rides on which you run errands, and document your ride. The concept was expanded this year to include errands done by foot, running or walking:  errundonnées?

Anyhow, @Mary Gersemalina sends out a Google spreadsheet on which to track  errandonnées, and participants also need to document them.  Here’s the link to my Google Spreadsheet — not finished yet, but working on it … as well as trying to learn WordPress.
Leslie’s 2016 Errandonnées

1. Personal Care

  • Dr Read – in the same K St building as my sports orthopedist
  • Kiehls – On M St in Georgetown; an old reliable, and they welcome the bike indoors

2. Personal Business

3. You carried WHAT

  • A new ceiling fan/light fixture in the inaugural voyage of my Burley Travoy
  • IMG_0578[1]

4. Arts and Entertainment

5. Non-store errand

  • Library – I can comfortably carry one book in my running back pack

6. Social Call

7. Work or Volunteering

8. Store

9. Wildcard

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