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February 8, 2012 / bikesbytesbites

American Ethnic Pluralism

Gotta love American Ethnic Pluralism.  We all seem to get along.  Well, at any rate, we all live in fairly close proximity and, in the suburbs, share the same mini-malls.  Witness:  Hechinger Plaza (Springfield VA):

Restaurants in Hechinger Plaza


Here we have (clockwise from top-left): A Peruvian chicken place; a Vietnamese sandwich place; the Korean restaurant I actually ate at; a Salvadoran place; and (my favorite) the Indo-Pak Chinese place which advertises (loudly) that it is halal.

And that’s not counting the International Supermarket that has the best display of fruits and vegetables I’ve seen recently (including in Whole Foods) and entire rows devoted to different nationalities. And the Chinese grocery store.  And one more ethnic restaurant that didn’t photograph well.



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