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November 16, 2011 / bikesbytesbites

North Florida Bike Tour

I was looking for an excuse to use an airline ticket that I had lying around.  (Long story.)  A bike tour in Florida in November seemed like a great excuse.  Typing precisely those words into Google (Bicycle Florida November) I came up with a list of tours in Florida. The first item on  the list was the North Florida Bike Tour, sponsored by the Southern Bicycle League.

Sold, especially since USAirways flies fairly expeditiously to Tallahassee.

The weekend was delightful.  It was based in a 4H camp about 10 miles north of Madison Florida. I stayed in a cabin; other people camped; and some stayed in nearby hotels. (There were about 40 in total, most from Florida, Georgia, and nearby states.) The weekend included 2 breakfasts, a barbecue lunch at Honey Lake Plantation, and two dinners, including a Southern style shrimp boil on Saturday night.

The riding was also delightful, if not very challenging. Northern Florida is not pancake flat. Some of the locals called it “rolling”, but it wouldn’t qualify as that by local (Virginia) standards.  There was very little traffic, the woodlands and farms were scenic, the other participants were good company; and there was lots of local color, including passing by the boyhood home of Ray Charles.  In fact, one of the highlights was a talk on Friday night by a boyhood friend of RC.

I took some pictures.  I just realized there’s only one picture of a bicycle in this set (look quickly), but, really, I was on a bicycle.  (The Bike Friday performed admirably, as usual.)

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