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November 4, 2011 / bikesbytesbites

Australia Coffeeneuring

I started this post when I was  almost back from a business trip to Brisbane.  I say “almost” because I got caught in the Qantas grounding of its entire fleet of planes. The planes were grounded from Saturday Oct 29 around 4 PM to Sunday (actually Monday morning) around 2 AM.  My flight from Brisbane to LAX was scheduled to leave Tuesday at 10:40.  International flights started flying late Monday afternoon. So (good news) mine did indeed leave on Tues morning, but (bad news) it left 1 1/2 hours late, so I missed my connection in LAX.  That has given me M-A-N-Y hours in the American Admirals Club (I’m billing the company) to upload and organize the photos I took of my coffeeneuring adventures in and around Brisbane.

Frankly, I’ve lost track of which coffee spots I visited on which days.  (All were on the Bike Friday which continues to rack up Frequent Flyer miles.)  But highlights include:

  • Sisco, a restaurant in “my” neighborhood (Spring Hill) where I had a few lovely breakfasts
  • Eve’s on the Brisbane River in Teneriffe a neighborhood of converted warehouses (think Canton in Baltimore, but much more low key and less dense)
  • Merlo’s Coffee Roastery in Fortitude Valley (and other Merlo branches across town)
  • Campos coffee (they also roast their own beans), also in Fortitude Valley
  • Espresso Soldier on George St, right down the block from the office where I was working  (I rode to the office, but then walked to get coffee, since the Bike Friday doesn’t have a cup holder attached. )
  • Java Coast Cafe, also in the Central Business District (CBD), near the office
  • Espressohead, in the West End

Argh. The photo album won’t upload.  Will try again later … Someday this technology will work … reliably.


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