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October 19, 2011 / bikesbytesbites

New Jersey Coffeeneuring

Columbus Day Weekend (yes, I know, I’m still catching up) I drove up to New Jersey, with a bike in the back of the rented car, to participate in a bicycling weekend organized by a friend, Tom B. There is absolutely stunning riding in northwest New Jersey (parts of Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren, Morris and Sussex counties), and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Jersey girl.

Tom’s Saturday ride was a century.  However, I shortened it in order to have time to explore downtown Hackettstown and discover Greene’s Beans.  Or, actually, rediscover, ’cause I could swear I’d been there before.  Anyhow, delightful ambiance, and an excellent selection of regular, decaff, and flavored coffees (for the non-purists).  So this coffeeneuring ride was about 80 miles.  I also checked out the local Starbucks, which, however, is inside the local Target. Would that have counted?

I had to cut out of the weekend early, to visit a friend in Collingswood NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia. Although small, Collingswood has a lively downtown which includes the Grooveground coffee shop.  Less than a mile from my friend’s apartment. Excellent coffee, not so good on the breakfast foods.

New Jersey Coffeeneuring

New Jersey Coffeeneuring


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