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October 4, 2011 / bikesbytesbites

Virginia Boundary Stones

Some of my favorite rides have been to visit the District of Columbia Boundary Stones .  This past Friday,  I had time to visit some of the Virginia stones — from NW3 (close to Chain Bridge) down to SW4 (near Shirlington).

Boundary Stones
Virginia Boundary Stones

I needed to update my cue sheet, since lots of new construction had been completed since I last did the ride.  Two houses whose yards you need to get through to see the stones (NW2 and NW1, although NW1 actually has its own alley) had been torn down and replaced by McMansions. The construction fences that had surrounded SW8 (near Seven Corners) and SW7 (Carlin Springs School) were gone.

Previously I had a Virginia ride and a Maryland ride.  But the Maryland ride was incomplete, and didn’t get down to Anacostia.  Now, with the bike path on the Wilson Bridge, I can do a “South” ride, starting in Virginia, crossing the bridge, and visiting the SE stones.  I think I’ll scout out that one.

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