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September 10, 2011 / bikesbytesbites

Cheap Eats 2011-2012: Another Year Begins

The September issue of Washingtonian contains the list of this year’s Cheap Eats.  (I could swear the list was published last year in June.)  Anyhow, there are 31 new restaurants on the list, pushing out nominees from last year.  That included 23 of the restaurants I ate at.  Some of the replacements were a surprise  — hmm, maybe they got shoved off the list because of a rise in price, not a decline in quality.

At any rate, using this year’s “rules” (grandfather in all restaurants on last year’s last; add any newcomers that I have already eaten in), I start the year with 51 Cheap Eats down [sic] Cheap Eats 2011-2012, 49 to go.


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